Monday, 6 August 2012

Hijab tips

1. Wear fashionable clothing. You will look amazing. Preferably wear something that is currently in style or is your own trendy look. Don't be afraid of bright colors. Muslims can be beautiful yet modest. Wear a long tunic over flare jeans.

2. Accessorize! Add glasses, headbands, hats and jewels (only to be seen with your husband or when attending women only events) to your look. Long pearls and bangles are very effective ways to make an outfit. Take caution with belts though. It is true that belts around the waist are in style currently but they may draw attention to the chest! If you are a strong Muslim you will not do this. However they can be worn closer to the hips in their proper place!

3. Hijab is the key! You don't have to wear the same hijab all the time. It's fine to mix it up a little. It's very easy to get comfortable in the hijab that you like best. A new style every now and then is recommended.

4. Get matching Hijab colors. Get colors that match with your outfit, and try out all the different kinds of scarves available. There are kinds that you wrap around your face and hold up with a pin, and others that consist of a headpiece and a larger piece on top. Try mixing and matching colors (i.e. blue jeans, green shirt, and green scarf with blue headpiece)

5. Know that your eyes are vital. Since your face is framed and there is nothing to draw attention away from them, your eyes are very important. If you're in traditional garb you might not want to wear a lot of makeup. But you can brush your eyebrows upwards by using a clear mascara so that your eyes will look more appealing. Also, a tiny amount of hairspray on your finger will hold them in place.

6. Smile a lot and show confidence. People love to see Muslims looking cheerful. This will ultimately indicate that Muslims are very open and joyful people. It also shows off your brightness!

7. What style do you like? Sporty? Vintage? Or just your personal mix? Keep in mind that you can customize your clothes to fit the hijabi requirements

~Islam is Style~  Alhamdulilah.

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